Monday, September 24, 2012

D4M: Project Complete

So I finished my project for my Design for Media. This week, I created a whole bunch more concepts and sketches before ending with at those final pieces. Instead of doing one final piece, I decided to go with a series of three illustrations in order to tell a story. Below you'll see the final pieces as well as my process.

"Demon World Journey"
The three of these final pieces tell a progressing story together. In the first piece, Akuma, the demon boy, is approaching Sarah and Clove. He is welcoming the two of them to the Demon World. Akuma has been sent to become Sarah's Guardian Demon because she has recently become a DarkVao (which is basically a human who has been infused with demon cells). In the second piece, the three of them decide to travel together through the Demon World. And then in the final piece, they are depicted embarking on their adventure together through the Demon World. Akuma is the leader of the group, since he is native to this World.

 "Digital Composition Drafts"
These are a couple of tests that I did before putting together the actual final. I was experimenting with different compositions, and overall placing my characters within the landscapes.

"Traditional Composition Tests"
Here are some more sketches that I did of placing my characters into compositions. These ones are all traditional, very rough sketches.

"Rough Posed Gestures"
I made a bunch of attempts at creating poses for my characters to be in for the final piece. Basically these are a bunch of gestures I made from memory, trying to play with shapes and place my characters in poses relating to their personality. Akuma is the red, Clove is the green, and Sarah is the blue.

"Quick Experiment"
Just a quick sketch I did of Sarah this week. It was mostly a rough piece to get a sense of what mood I wanted my final to have, and to experiment with color mostly.

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