Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earthbound Remake Group Project

So my Theories of Personality class, I have been working with a group to create a mock-up idea for an Earthbound remake. We had to figure out the personality type of the people who would buy the remake, which we found out through a survey. And the last portion was creating artwork for it.

This was a cutscene still that I drew, for when Tessie comes.

And then this was a version with how it would actually look on the 3DS.

This was the cover that Anna made.

And then this was the back cover that Shannara put together, and created the screenshots for.
And this was the persona that Anna created for our target audience. She's based on Kumatora from Mother 3.

Go check out  Anna and  Shannara's work as well.
They were really fun group members to work with, and I had a pretty enjoyable experience overall with the project.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cipo and his Friend

These ones are more closely related in story, and coincidentally their birthdays fall around the same time.

Cipo is a very formal young man who is always with his friend, Kolo, also known as Cipo's Friend. Cipo is the son of a famous inventor, so has learned some valuable skills from his father. Cipo is always watching over The Nays no matter which World they are in, but he comes from Tag World. Although he is watching over them, he is pretty much the same age as them, so they often don't listen to him.

Kolo, commonly known as Cipo's Friend or CF, is the clone of Cipo and result of "Project Cipo's Friend." He is slow and deformed, but he has a big heart and always wants to cheer people up. He is Cipo's very best friend, and actually one of the few friends he has. As a child, Cipo was very lonely so his father created this friend for him. CF has a very similar personality to Cipo, but upon the recent discovery that he is a clone, he has begun to distance himself as an individual.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ramona & RoaR

Some fun characters!

Ramona is a very excited girl who loves dancing and singing. She loves watermelons and going picnics with a passion. She has a very bubbly personality and is always in a group with her good friends. She generally speaks very loudly, but knows when to control her volume.

RoaR is a boy who does not trust anyone, even those who are close to him, because of a traumatic experience early in his life. Whenever he believes he is becoming too good of friends with someone, he will murder them, but his latest friend, Punchy, escaped. RoaR's goal has been to pursue Punchy and kill him to keep up his tradition. RoaR is very strict on obeying orders, and will urge everyone not to disobey his orders. RoaR has died many times, but every time he dies, he is somehow brought back to life.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thing & Oujou

These characters I had a little more difficulty with for some reason.

Thing is a very strange young boy. He changed from being a knowledgeable young boy to one with very little intelligence. Thing has strength within him, but he is usually too clueless to battle unless his friends are really in trouble. He is commonly seen with a large smile on his face as well as some kind of dirt or food stains on his clothes or face. Thing likes training and believes that if he stops moving, he will become weak, so is often found running around.

Oujou is one of the members of the Death Association. He is a man of few words who is very intimidating. Oujou always wants to battle and kill. He takes pride in the number of people he kills and even keeps count. Most demons in the Demon World fear this man because he is so powerful and bloodthirsty.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gestures at Weeklies

We did some gesture drawings at Weeklies this week! I've been kind of rusty, so this was a nice exercise for me.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Serenity & Curry

Some more familiar characters.

 Serenity is the sister of Kevin and the wife of Gary. She is very kindhearted and has a strong passion for her husband. Serenity is always seen dolled up and wants to do everything she can to impress her husband. Whenever she is around him, she is always seen clinging to him and standing closely at his side. Love has been the center of her life and she is living a very happy life.

Curry is a movie director who lives in SN World. He is a man of few words who hates the Blue family, mostly because of his past in the Dusty Dimes. He enjoys traveling to different Worlds and finding actors off the street to perform in his movies, in order to provide a "nice variation," as he puts it. He is very mysterious and not much else is really known about him.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Guido & Chone

Some fun characters that I designed this week!

Chone is a very proper young man who loves analyzing and problem solving. He is very intrigued by science and math, as he excels greatly in those subjects. He has skipped ahead many grades because of his genius abilities. He speaks using very big words and in a very scientific way. Because of this, people often find him boring and he thinks highly of himself.

Guido is a very deceitful man who is known for backstabbing his allies. He is a long-time enemy of Eitear and the rest of Outlaw Bar. Although he was once one of them, he always had a bad attitude and would manipulate others. He believes that he should be own Outlaw Bar because he one of the most powerful people on all of Surreal.