Monday, May 2, 2016

Quick RPG Maker Games

So the other night, my brother and I voted on what to do, and had our OCs suggest different things, until eventually we came up with the idea to make RPG Maker games in second person. And once a decision happens, it splits off into different paths. So we made two and switched off who worked on it after about an hour or two. These were super quick and fun little games to make.

This is the start of the flowchart that we made for one of the two games.

And then this is the custom choice menu that I made. I made the choice graphics based on his general layout for the game. I really like the limited palette that he chose.

And then this game took a completely different turn, in terms of mood. It is very lighthearted and has a music story vibe. Each character speaks in a different color and font, and it is about Pigger telling the little ones a bedtime story. So I tried to make it look like it was drawn by a little kid, with paper cutouts on Popsicle sticks.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kafu & Carry

I made up these characters up a few years back.

Kafu is a young assassin who works by himself usually. Although, in the case of of the Teso annihilation mission, he ended up working with Kali, and the two were a very compatible team. Kafu has a large black hole in his check, which he has the ability to create a shadow hand from. While fighting, Kafu tends to keep silent, but he can get quite talkative while toying with his opponents. He wields daggers when he gets serious though.

Carry is a very clingy girl who is extremely social. She is very loud and outgoing. Carry tries to hang out with her siblings, but they usually think she's too weird and ignore her. She can get very emotional and is extremely dramatic whenever someone says something negative about her.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Drawing in my Sketchbook at Home

I don't draw in my sketchbook nearly enough, so I took a break and just sketched a little bit one day.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Honck & Korey

These two were done much more quickly.

Honck is a very enthusiastic alcoholic who loves to party. They are very carefree and always running around and they really know how to have fun. Honck is the CrY family jester who often provides entertainment for the family parties.

Korey is a fox who lives inside of a water bubble. She loves to swim and play water sports. She is always very active and bouncing around in her bubble of water. Korey is more of a loner and doesn't really socialize very often.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nays Comic Fun Time

So the other night, me and my brother decided to have a throw-back to old activities we used to do. So since we had been listening to old cassette tapes that we recorded, we opened up an old notebook from like 2003 and had to do something related to whatever page it was opened to. It was an old comic that The Nays made in like Frank Lady World, so what we did was made a new comic that had to revolve around those old characters that The Nays created. Since it was just his Nays who did that comic, they were the ones who got to choose which of my Nays made this comic. This was honestly a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Even though the comic literally makes no sense with a new character being released every panel, we laughed a lot while making them and it was a lot of fun.

These were the comic pages I made!

And then these are photos of the original characters (all drawn by Steve Rakar like 10 years ago).

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dr Birdonics & Beth

Both of these were originally designed by my brother, so it was fun to re-imagine them in my own style and slightly redesign parts of them.

Dr Birdonics is a doctor-in-training who hopes to be a master doctor in time. He works on the medical team in Tag World, and although he is very clumsy, he is dedicated to improving. Dr Birdonics loves talking with his patients, and getting involved in hopes that we will eagerly be able to help out, wherever necessary.

Beth is a very healthy and active woman, especially considering her age. She loves milk, and always carries extras with her, usually to use in battle and dump on her opponents as a distraction. Beth is very trusting of Hoedown Fox, and believes that he will lead a peacefully world where her and her family can live happily.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Character Doodles

Trying to take some time to sketch for myself, but it's hard when I'm so busy!