Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sarah Sketches

So I drew Sarah two times in the past week, with various emotions.

I think I've only drawn Sarah smiling like once before? So I need to draw her experiencing more emotions than just sadness.

Sometimes your OCs just hate themselves... because stories gotta be relatable, am I right?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sketching Nays

Here are some recent digital sketches I've done.

I've been making a quick visual novel project where I basically turn an Eventure into a visual novel, so it's a more immersive experience. And by doing that, I didn't have any drawings of the Future Nays, soooo I decided to go ahead and make facesets of all of them.

I did some Music Mania doodles since I've been feeling really stuck recently with my art. 

Soooo I'm just gonna keep on drawing until I get unstuck. Even if I'm not pleased with how things are coming out, eventually it should go away. I did honestly like how that Zandra sketch came out, and that's why I colored it here

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Time Paradox Sketches

Both of these were sketches I did after re-writing the Time Paradox Eventure.

After Zandra loses Yaguzi, there is a rift in time where PS World begins to break apart. Zandra feels lost at this point, because a lot is going on.

I haven't drawn Yaguzi's current day design yet, so I decided to take a quote from the Time Paradox Eventure and sketch him. Also playing around with how Marks look, because I need to finalize that at some point.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Nay Doodling

Here are some recent Nay doodles.

Whenever Uather plays SSB, he plays as Luigi, but with the Waluigi colors, so he will always say "I'm Waluigi!"

My brother requested I draw Uather dressed as Waluigi like a month ago, but I never wanted to because I hate Waluigi. I figured since it's his birthday, I'd finally draw this, haha.

I'm trying to figure out a design for Stoney (Firebreath's stone dragon "friend"). I didn't really like how any of these came out though, so I'll try again another day.