Saturday, May 27, 2017

Back with Some Digital Drawings!

I'm back from my vacation and ready to start working on stuff again! These are both drawings I did right before I left and hadn't posted yet, but you'll get to see what I did the past week once I scan it all tomorrow. I decided to do some concept art based on a new character, and I finally did another one of those Nay-A-Day drawings because I felt like doing a full body drawing (since I haven't really done one in awhile).

Larry is a very shy boy who is scared of almost everything. He tries to stick close with Ches, Gair, and Jibu. He has practically no self-confidence whatsoever and always relies on others. Larry is raised by his uncle Jaboo, because his parents are busy fighting a war in Odustra.

It's been like 5 months since I've written an Eventure, so I'm finally getting around to writing some again. Right now I'm working on the Rectory of Reform Eventure. This is Lilith, a new character introduced in this Eventure. She's serving a sentence in the Rectory of Reform. I'm leaning more towards the left concept for her final design.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Last Eventure Doodles for awhile

I'm going on vacation for the next week, so this is the last post I'll be making before I leave. In the meantime, check out my Instagram for daily sketches!

Ted's friends argue over how to rule their new World, Demonica.

Ben leads a bunch of the non-main Nays in a revolt out of jealousy towards the main Nays.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

I beat Persona 5!

104 hours later...

I finally finished Persona 5 Thursday night!! It is easily in my top 3 favorite games (if not top 1 or 2).

In celebration of beating it, I decided to draw all of the characters! Well all of the ones I started a social link with at least. I put my favorite characters and characters that I maxed out closer towards the middle, and kind of arranged them outwards from there. Futaba is overall my favorite I think, but I really love Sojiro, Ryuji, and Makoto a lot too. The only ones I did NOT finish were Yusuke, Chihaya, Kawakami, Iwai, Shinaya, and Haru (though Haru was at rank 9). I'll have to play New Game+ at some point to finish those up.

And here's a drawing that I did for my friend Laura since it was her birthday earlier this week!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Quick Eventure Doodles!

These ones were a little bit rushed since I've been busy the past few days.

Clove and the others enter Beddy Bye World for the last time and have to rescue their friends before it closes off for good.

Some of The Nays go to a fancy restaurant in Eustar World where Vhan orders an expensive steak that Arianna can't afford.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Cold Eventures

Both of these Eventures take place during Winter in Tag World.

Zandra gets separated from the group and hurts her leg during a blizzard, so Gair carries her back to the others.

El Pubbo falls in love with a mermaid (who is actually an old ghost man in disguise), and ends up trapped on his ship for eternity.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Recent Sketchings

When I'm not busy with things, I've had time to do some little extra doodles every now and then.

Ranking up with Akechi and learning more about him.

Sketching while talking with friends. I got a little carried away with the lines, but this was relaxing to do while I was talking.Sketching while talking with friends. I got a little carried away with the lines, but this was relaxing to do while I was talking.