Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mike & Yani

These characters were more unique and fun to make.

Mike is a tough guy who is the treasurer of the class of 2082 at a college with a huge football team. He is very popular in his class, because he is a former football player. He loves rap music and break dancing to the music. Mike has an entire group of followers who look up to him and follow in his footsteps.

Yani is a very skillful assassin from the Demon World, who is one of the last of the Koroshiya family. When his niece Kali is younger, he lets her tag along on his missions so she doesn't have to go out on her own. He is usually very tough, but has a soft spot for kids and relatives of his.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Illustrations in Progress

So recently I've been starting new Illustrations and then I get in the mood for a new one, so I start another one. I'll finish these soon, I promise! But for now you can see some WIPs.

I've been wanting to draw where all of The Nays' marks are recently, so here are the five main's M Marks! I originally just drew Gair's, then I couldn't resist but draw the others.

This is an illustration I started about the first Eventure in The Nays. Still figuring out character poses and working on proportions.

This was going to be a quick sketch, but then I decided I wanted to make an entire scene out of it. This was based on a color study from last month.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ivic & Judy

Some quicker daily characters.

Ivic is a very tough member of the Meteor Age band. He replaced Rotle once he became "too geeky" for them, and now excels at playing the drums. He is usually very full of himself and rarely shows any sign of being soft on anyone. He is the "coolest" member in his family, even if he isn't the oldest. Ivic's whole family is very loud, so while Ivic is not very loud vocally, he plays his music very loudly to grab others' attention.

Judy is an indie actress who enjoys playing young mothers in films. She is in her late 20s and works as a full-time contracted actress. She isn't extremely popular, but she's good at her job and loves what she does.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nay Scenes

So just like I did in December, I've been in the mood for doing mini sketches with my characters interacting. I think I'm gonna try to do a lot more of my main five characters interacting with each other, or other characters. It's a good exercise and feels a lot less like "work" than other things. I hope I can end up doing this a lot more often to relax and enjoy myself more. I've been too tense lately with applying to jobs, that I really need a break every once in awhile, haha.

At one point, Gair asks Dark Thunder to teach him how to teleport. Dark Thunder of course tests his strength beforehand to make sure that he can handle it. And coincidentally enough, Dark Thunder is impressed. This takes place on the Sid Eventure, when The Nays visit Compass World again, after about a year of being in The Worlds.

I was playing The Sims the other night and Pamchan got killed for ranting about Death. And then while Xing was mourning for her death, she magically came back to life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rudat & Fragger

Now that the Global Game Jam is over, I'm getting back into the habit of drawing things at my own pace. And back to the daily rituals!

Rudat is a very mysterious masked man who saved Johnny's life in Mr Dude World. More recently, Rudat has become much more involved with The Nays, even participating in the World Leader Exam. He has very good navigational skills, and can very easily act as a leader to The Nays. He is always looking out for The Nays and is someone that they can always count on, even if he is still mysterious. Although, because of his failure to save Aya, Scott has held a grudge against him, even after finding out more about him.

Fragger is a member of of Cypriss' group who specializes in bombs and explosives. He uses this technique to his advantage by placing mines around the battlefield. Fragger is usually very strategic and the brains in battles. He is very intimidating to newcomers because he always in a tight-knit group and is knowledgeable about what is going on.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Global Game Jam 2016

So this weekend I worked on an entry for the Global Game Jam with Steve Rakar. We made a game called Nays Living in Houses. You can check out more information about the game over on our Global Game Jam page here! There are also download links on there for you to play!

If you Download the game, that is probably the best method to play it. It will have less loading times and be an overall better experience. (P.S. If you have any lagging with the downloaded file, I highly recommend updating your Direct X to this version here.)

If you cannot download, then you can Play it in your browser!

This overall experience was super valuable, and I would recommend to anyone at all interested in game development to participate in the years to come. I didn't actually attend the event itself, since my brother and I didn't want to lug our equipment out there, but we worked from our studio at home collaboratively, so we still had a great time.

This experience overall gave me a confidence boost, since I impressed myself with how much I could produce in two days. Although we didn't get a whole lot done in the game itself, we produced a lot of artwork and maps, and were able to get things functioning well enough to be playable. Sure there are some glitches here and there, but the fact that it's this playable and we made it in under 48 hours, I think that's pretty cool.

Overall, I only spent a few hours working in RPGMaker on the game. I placed all of the characters on the maps and made up the majority of the NPCs single dialogue lines. My brother was the one who really took the resources that I created and put them into the game. He also made all of our 30-something maps and put together the dialogue for our opening scene and first quest. He also spent a lot of time working on getting our plug-ins working, and even getting into the code itself to modify some to fit the needs of our game.

So as I mentioned, I focused heavily on the artwork. My original plan was to fully draw out facesets for every single character. Of course I was not THAT fast at drawing them, or else they would have turned out lot worse. I ended up being able to draw facesets for seven characters, and then for the remaining characters, I simply used previous illustrations that I had done and turned them into facesets. I spend the majority of my time on the UI and menus though.

Without further ado... below are tons and tons of screenshots and concept art that we made for the game!

This a screenshot of our opening scene! I was responsible for all of the art here, but my brother made the dialogue.

I made lots of new facesets/character portraits for this game. This was probably my favorite part of working on this game, actually!

Since our game relies heavily on the day and night system, I created two different UIs for when it is day and when it is night. I also made some little text advancers that you can see in the bottom right corner (animated). I wasn't able to import that into the demo for yesterday, but we're planning on implementing it when we get the chance to.

We made a Friendship system, so here are all of the different groups' pages. I was responsible for the menu layouts and the images on the right, while my brother edited the existing plugin, wrote the descriptions, and made the pixel art icons.

This is the main menu for our game. I was responsible for the menu layout and art, but my brother drew out that map on paper.

We also made a quest system for our game, using an existing plug-in. My brother was responsible for inputting this quest information and making it work for our game. I created the UI image though.

And then all of the other menus! I made all of the layouts

This was a little element I added in, where once you enter a new map, that image drops down to let you know which area you are in. This will come in handy a lot when doing quests.

This was a map that my brother made. It's Town Square. And this is the opening sequence in which Finnchuk is dropped off. He also made edits to an existing car sprite to turn it into a taxi.

And here are our credits for the game!

Thanks for reading this super long post! I hope you'll take the time to check out our game. We also would appreciate any feedback, so just leave a comment if you would like to give some feedback. :)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bryan Poitra

Since I've been busy participating in the Global Game Jam, there's just one character for today.

Bryan is a chef-in-training who dreams to one day become a master chef in a World run by Dundas. His specialty is cooking chicken balls with special sauce on them. Bryan's food is delicious, but he is still fairly clumsy and messy in the kitchen. He works very quickly, which can sometimes result in spills and ingredients being dropped on the ground.

For this one, I spent a lot more time on the sketch, and ended almost up liking it more than the finished piece, since it had a lot of energy.