Friday, March 27, 2015

After Spring Break

Although I got back to classes about a week ago, these were some of the characters I did the first two days I was back.

Josinda is a very tough member of the Big Kid Group in Biggert City. He loves playing baseball and is always heard singing a song when he goes up to bat. Josinda is one of the members that enjoys engaging in fights, most often. He will often be seen beating up creatures younger than him.

Kudamono is a large man who is feared by many. He is the leader of a group of killers who enjoy playing "The Game," a game where two teams kill one another in a maze-like dark room. Kudamono has never lost at "The Game" and so he has killed countless people. He is a wanted man by all of Mr Dude World, but he is very good at staying undercover and hiding from the officials.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break Characters

These are some of the characters that I did over spring break.

Heri Cots Vert is one of Veetoff's followers who will do whatever Veetoff wishes. He is always found at Veetoff's side, and is referred to as one of "Veetoff's slaves" by Gair. He does not have much of a mind on his own, but does not hesitate to aid Veetoff whenever he is given permission to. Although he is not considered a friend to Veetoff, they are both members of the Teso clan, and grew up together. Heri Cots Vert is fairly reserved and never opens up to anyway, though his soft side is actually seen when he is around Casmella, because of her love for him.

Flak is a very outgoing bird that is very deceitful. He will often pretend he is something that he is not, until people begin to believe him. He is very tricky and great at fooling people into believing his lies. He may look like he is very dopey, but he is actually very sly and sneaky.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Traditional NAD Drawings

So for the weekend that the labs were closed, I ended up doing my daily characters traditionally in my sketchbook instead of using my tablet, since it has been difficult to get used to drawing that way again.

Lucielle is a girl who is obsessed with chickens. She owns a whole bunch of them and uses them to her advantage in battle. She grew up on a farm, so she knows pretty much everything about them. She is usually fairly distanced from groups of people and does not fit in very easily. She eventually becomes a strong leader once she is older, though.

Effside is a grumpy member of the Big Kid Club in Biggert City. He is possibly the strongest in the city, so the citizens tend to let him be and not mess with him. Although he has a tough front, he is actually very helpful at the Gozo Burger, and is willing to help out Gozo when he needs it. Gozo, Trabe, and Chiz are probably the only ones who can give him orders without being injured.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Free Time Drawings

The past few weeks have been super hectic because, senior year and thesis, and everything else that's been going on. So it's been hard to fit in free time (even my character a day project is hard, so above that is pretty much not happening). But somehow I fit in these two drawings for fun, so it really relieved a lot of stress. I wish I had time to do this more often.

I've been playing Dangan Ronpa 2 and Fuyuhiko is definitely my favorite. I got super attached after hearing more about his past and when his character development started happening. So here's a little doodle I did. I drew this when my Spring Break first started and all I wanted to do was sleep and play Dangan Ronpa 2. 

Here's a small gift I made for my best friend, Jinny Hinkle, since it was her birthday the other week. This is the main character of her thesis.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Before & After Spring Break

This is the difference between about a weeks worth of characters. Ches was drawn before break and Dark Thunder was drawn towards the end of break.

Ches is a very angry rebel who will do whatever is "cool" or currently "in." His main hobby is skateboarding, and he always does what he can to go against the law, because he thinks it will make him more "cool." Ches has a very bad temper and will often say "I don't feel like doing this anymore" when he is upset. He talks very briskly and has a pretty bad attitude overall, which explains why he doesn't really have any friends besides Larry.

Dark Thunder is a powerful creature with the ability to teleport. He does not speak very much and is mostly found training on his own in the mountains. He resides at the Saku house as a guest because he is a member of Jaboo's gang. Whenever anyone messes with him, they usually do not live to tell the stories.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shouji & Gashil

Some characters I had designed in the past. It was fun to re-draw them.

Gashil is a very serious man who does not mess around. He gets right down to business and is always prepared for battle. He comes from AV World, so growing up he was forced to decide whether or not he was to serve the king or become part of the resistance. Being a part of the resistance, he was always forced to have a secretive approach to his actions and was able to move about in a sneaky manner. Since he has become an R Nay, he has been a co-leader, working under R.

Shouji is a mangaka who is one of the two leaders of SN World. He likes to be alone and will almost always be seen drawing. Shouji does not enjoy having visitors to his World, and will often charge them a toll for staying in his World. Although, Shouji is a bit more understanding than his partner Norio, and is helpful in times of crisis or urgent events. Usually he is very polite and caring to guests when they first arrive, and only becomes forceful when they have overstayed their welcome.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rough Days

These were rough days, so my character drawings didn't come out to the quality of my previous ones unfortunately. I've been struggling to really even do these drawings because of the immense amount of homework and other obligations, but it's really something that will help me in the long run with being more productive, so I'm trucking through and keeping it going.

Terra likes to talk to many people, even if they do not particularly like him. He is very easily offended, which causes many of the other Nays to dislike him. Ralphie and his friends still treat him with respect however. Terra was trained as a martial artist by the master Earl Gray, although compared to the others, he is fairly weak. After a particularly traumatizing event, he begins to act much more serious, somber, and angry.

Electric Ying Ying is a very smart cheetah that works on the roof of the Power Station of Biggert City. He is not very social and usually keeps to himself, aside from when he is working with his best friend, Buzz. He is always doing lab experiments with his partner Buzz, and together, they eventually revive an alien life-form from the dead that wrecks havoc on Biggert City.