Thursday, July 19, 2018

Photography Paintings

This was a really fun new part of the Mr Marcus World event (version 3.0)! We went to a random spot in our house, took a photo, and then drew a character within that scene.

This one is of Snull in the stove. I added some fire/heat effects for fun, too.

Another one from the Mr Marcus (Version 3.0) event! This one is of Cimc in the bathroom, and he forgot to draw his clothes other than his scarf.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Pokemon Fusions

For this activity, the Nay would use a random number generator to find a number. That number coordinates with a Pokemon that they must draw themselves fused with.

Doge as a Walrein

Clove as Passimian

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mr Marcus World Version 3.0

So awhile back, we did the Mr Marcus World event for the third time! It's one of the most fun activities we do with The Nays, and it just has a bunch of really weird and funny activities. Since there are so many activities, I'm splitting this up into multiple posts. This one is all of the miscellaneous funny ones that aren't really taken seriously and done mostly for fun.

Draw Ward Hyper Edition
For this event, we were given a prompt randomly. From there, we drew the character, and then took only the silhouette to pass onto the next person. They had to draw what they thought that silhouette represented, and if they guessed correctly, they would receive points!

MS Paint Mouse Drawings
Originally these were going to be drawn on Oekaki boards, but I was having trouble getting any to work, so I went with good old MS Paint. For these, I had to use the mouse exclusively, which was harder than I remembered!

Left-Handed Drawings
Since my dominant hand is my right hand, I had to use my left hand to make these drawings.

Blind Drawings
For these drawings, I had to place a 100% black filled layer above what I was drawing, so I was basically blindfolded and unable to see what I was drawing.

Google Search Photoshop Edits
This activity is a lot of fun and very much for the laughs. We googled the first name of one of our characters and had to find the first (sometimes second) photo of a person that came up. From there, we did whatever edits necessary in Photoshop quickly to make them look like the character we searched for.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Characters from The Nays Exam

I've been writing a new Eventure about Amelia and some others taking The Nays Exam, and with it, I created some new characters. So I had to draw the new ones!

Uma is an angry young demon who keeps to herself for the most part. She grew up alone for the most part and took on her mother's maiden name in revolt against her father. Uma has a hatred for her older sister Kali and rarely even keeps in contact with her. She has an on-going one-sided rivalry with her sister. Uma was raised solely by her mother until her death, which is the reason Uma has been mostly on her own ever since. Upon hearing that Kali became a Nay, she wanted to take the same challenge, in hopes of passing up her sister, once again.

Carly is an enthusiastic travel agent who loves creating maps in her free time. She loves to travel explore new places. Carly takes The Nays Exam because she wants to document unexplored areas throughout The Worlds, and she thinks she can help improve travel for The Nays. Her brother Zesty is the one who recommended the idea to her, so she feels very confident in her ability to become a Nay.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

On the Spot Sketches!

Recent character sketches! Both of these were thought up on the spot, without planning what I was going to draw.

I was playing around with a weird style here where I had the Use Pressure for Opacity checked, even for the lineart. I also kind of mixed the messy lineart with the painting itself to give it more of a blended digital painting look. This might be fun to do more of in the future! But for now I decided to paint Mr Marcus from memory, and I think I like this variation on his design better than my initial design.

I don't know if I've really drawn Arianna smiling before, because she's always nervous.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Nay Parents

Here are some recent sketches I've done based on holidays!

I drew this for Mother's Day!
Rabiah and her mother are pretty close, even if Rabiah refuses to admit it.

Here's Kali and her father (Mahesa/Mr Dude) for Father's Day!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Spoon Bath Sketches

In The Nays Exam, the S Nays team enters a spoon bath inspired escape room.

While the S Nay team fights over who will win, Bryan solves the puzzle for all of them.

Layli is ready to take a spoon bath.