Friday, December 19, 2014

Drawing on Printer Paper!

I started drawing a lot more traditionally this week, since it's been taking some time to get used to using my Tablet again. So I've been doing a lot of quicker drawings. And I've actually discovered that drawing on printer paper can be a lot more fun than drawing in a sketchbook. I tried this out thanks to Heidi Smith's recommendation at CTN. I've also been redrawing old drawings a lot, just because those are always fun to see the improvement.

A bunch of sketches I did this week.

These are the sketches side-by-side with the originals.
(I think I have improved a bit)

And then I did a few beat board sketches for one of my Eventures. I was initially thinking about actually creating a few finished beat boards out of my favorite moments, but I'm not sure how happy I was with these thumbnails.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Start of Winter Break!

So I've mostly been recovering from finals this past week. I haven't been doing too much art, so that I can fully recover before diving back into any projects. I've still been trying to keep up with my daily characters though, so that I am still drawing for at least an hour a day. This'll be my slow transition back into art after those two weeks of all-nighters and working on projects for 15+ hours a day.

Shear is a wise old man who lives in Sid's laboratory in Party Sanctuary World. He has a very awkward sense of humor, but knows a vast amount of knowledge. He has the ability to go between the Realm of Magic and the normal world

Blam is Cin's pet bird who follows him everywhere he goes. He has a small body, but a big heart and will do anything he can to help out Cin and his friends.

GrowL is a very outgoing member of the CrY family. Despite his small size, he is actually very powerful and trains Punchy. He is a magic expert who is able to control various elements, and has the ability to awaken elemental abilities within others.

Rasake is a member of the Field Ravens, a resistance group against Death. She is very nice to people, especially those who join the Field Ravens. She is often conflicted in her love life, between Gair and Matoko, which causes the two to create a rivalry. She is also close friends with Trekkon and treats him as a younger brother.

Roger Hom[ey/ie] is a very inexperienced bird-in-training who uses her ears to fly. She takes Hawkin's place at one point, but does not fulfill the role well at all. She is very irresponsible and unorganized. She is a shy creature who does not do well with meeting new people. She is very clumsy and does not really make good first impressions.
(Also I did this for the Weeklies' Scribble Contest!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Detective Ragger

So I finally finished my first prototype scene in my game! I had some video troubles, so I am unable to upload it for the time being, but I did manage to present it in class. In the meantime, you can check out my Production Packet for the Prologue section of my game (which will most likely be what is playable in the Demo, expected for May 2015).

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gair Saku

Came to a conclusion on a (somewhat) final design for Gair, finally. There are still some things I want to tweak about his design, but I was kind of cornered into a situation where time was running out and I had no choice but to choose one that I had already drawn.

The final boards!

These were some more sketches I did before deciding the final design.