Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weeklies Scribbles!

This is some stuff I've been doing in Weeklies the past two weeks.

Question is a very angry creature that is almost always in a bad mood. He is very manipulative and controlling, so he almost always ends up getting his way. He is very power-hungry, and even drives his own brother to give up his position as leader of the Little Kids, due to peer pressure.

Here it is with the scribble overlayed.

Sarah is one to keep to herself; and she is also a mind-reader. Upon turning into a Dark Vao, Akuma has been her guardian; this has brought the two of them to be very close friends. Sarah will only talk to Akuma, Kominushu, Clove, or Trekkon. She will never open up to anyone, but sometimes to those four. She once had strong feelings for Trekkon, ever since she first met him, so she was very determined to help him turn against again. Once he came back onto their side, her obsession simmered away, and she merely just treats him as a friend now. Sarah also was childhood friends with Muyo, but now the two of them rarely talk; Sarah is a very lonesome girl.

And here's that one with the scribble overlayed.

Some gestures from last week's Weeklies session.

And some Muscle memory drawings from Weeklies last week.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Some More Characters!

Some more of my daily characters!

Gary is the brother of Sylvia and the husband of Serenity. He enjoys fixing cars and does it for a living. Gary is a very shy and socially awkward man, but he will do anything to please his wife.

Myst is a very quiet girl who rarely speaks. She usually is very calm and does not anger unless she is severely made fun of. She is always the one who is pushed around by the rest of her group and never seems to stand out, letting others get their way too much. Although she is a very young child, she is always seen driving her car and fights using it.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Horses, Rhinos, Cows, and Deer!

This week we focused on drawing not only horses, but also added rhinos, cows, and deer! They actually started to make sense to me a bit more. This class has been helping a whole lot so far, so that's good.

Since I started learning about rhinos this week, I ended up drawing a bunch of rhinos, cows, and deer for homework.

Some horses I drew during a horse demo.

And these were drawings I did during a rhino demo.

Cows from the cow demo.

And a deer head from the short deer demo.

Some more of those muscle memory drawings.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Character Shaping

We got our critiques back from our classmates this week, so I really learned what I needed to focus on a lot more. Overall, I realized that my characters were kind of generalized, and the color palettes certainly were not helping. So I have been playing around with some color ideas that are much less saturated from what I had in the past. Also, I realized that the Ragger family needed a lot of work; especially Clove. So I dove deeper into developing these character designs.

I decided to develop Clove a little further. I think her design is coming together a little better than before. I am at least feeling like she looks more her age, than I drew her before at least.

Some initial silhouette studies I did of the Ragger family. I really wanted to play around with shapes some more. I feel like I still could exaggerate things more, but I kind of want a more realistic feel just to set the more serious tone for the game.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daily Characters

Some more of my character work! These are really relaxing to do each day; a really nice break from more intensive work.

Cypriss is an easygoing guy who runs Outlaw Bar. He is very intelligent and knows a lot about robots and what it takes to create them. He is also a very powerful warrior who trains Elfno when he is feeling weak. He is not very good at public speaking and will often mix up his words, creating incoherent sentences.

CheeseBurger is a very intimidating creature from his looks, but is actually very kindhearted. He often considers betraying Sid (his boss) and joining up with the enemy; every time he does this, he claims that it is because he considers Sid's actions as evil. Although, every time that he thinks of it, he will change his mind and back out before he is able to fulfill any commitments. He is always very joyful and supplies comic relief. Although, when he is angered, he is a deadly creature to be feared and has the ability to kill many without even having much of a recollection of what happened afterward.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Style Experimentation

After my critique from last week on my thesis, I realized that some of my characters just look too generic based on their designs. Also the drawings I did don't really fit the serious, darker, mood that the script tells. So I have been working a lot on refining my designs and trying to figure out a good overall style.

Style tests for Zandra.

Style tests for Ralphie.

Some studies of eyes and noses that I did as warm-up for my style tests.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's been a fairly busy weekend, so I haven't had all that much time to draw my own stuff.

Nekae is a lester, which is a tiger-like creature that has the ability to control ghost-like energy and possess bodies. He is very attached to Gair; for some unknown reason, only Gair, Swirta, and the Velinski family possess the ability to understand what he says. Nekae is a very wise creature. He is always looking out for the safety of The Nays, and is very obedient to the Velinski family.

Cotton is a very lazy cat who loves to be pampered. Her only active activity is jumping, which she loves to do. She thinks very highly of herself and loves to be pampered. Cotton is very proud and does not like to talk with anyone but those that she already knows.