Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back at College

So I'm back in college now, starting up my sophomore year. I've got a bunch of pretty cool classes this semester, so I'm excited to start back up. My blog's going to be mostly dedicated to my Design for Media class this semester, but I'll still definitely include all of the other art I do in the meantime.

There have been many many artists that have greatly inspired my art throughout the years. Some of my favorite artists who have inspired my style most in particular, as of recently, would include Steve Rakar, Wes Talbott, and The-Ez. Although I have so many more inspirations, those are the three that have impacted me the most.

One of the artists who I am most inspired by is my brother, Steve Rakar. Since both of us started being serious about art around the same time and grew up improving together, I've always looked up to him as a great inspiration. He always helped me to improve and would critique my art and help me out whenever I needed it. My brother and I created "The Nays" together and that has made our bond even stronger. He's definitely the person that I look up to the most and is ultimately the best friend I've ever made as well.

Wes Talbott's art is another really great inspiration to me. After watching a tutorial he did at CCAD's Animation Collective, I learned so many more amazing things about digital painting and I improved a lot overall. I continually look up to him as an artist and draw inspiration from him all the time.

Another artist that greatly inspires my current style and taught me a lot about how to draw characters is The-Ez. I watched many of her great tutorials and studied her style and gallery. Her style is one that I really admire because of the fluidity and her style of drawing characters. She's really the main one that helped me to create my own style as of recently.

"Digital Character Concepts"
Some digital concepts of characters I'm planning on developing for my Design for Media class: Clove, Sarah, and Akuma.

"Character Concept Sketches"
Some more concept sketches for the characters I'm planning on developing for my Design for Media class: Celia, Jibu, and Syntax.

"First Storyboard Thumbnails"
This was one of my first times really doing storyboards.

"Rough Storyboard Sketches"
Just some really quick concepts for my storyboards that I was thinking up.

"First Sophomore Sketches"
Just a bunch of various sketches I did over the past week. Nothing too special, just doodles mostly.

"Gesture Sketches"
I've been working on some gesture drawings whenever I'm not in the art mood, so here's what I got this week.

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