Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Clove's Costumes

Another one for the clothes changing project! It's been like a year or two since I continued this project.

So this one is for Clove! 

The only ones I've actually drawn before now were from the Clove Retrieval, Land of the Clouds, and Blizzard. And then I've drawn variations of Ducklin and Hillside Manor in the past. But these were really fun to make up. At first she is a lot more like childish and then once she meets Sarah, she starts to look up to her and takes on her black clothes/nets clothing style, thinking it's really cool. Then she gradually gets closer to JrTr and her clothes are more casual and relaxed. I definitely had to keep her green color palette all the way through, even if it isn't exactly apparent in the black clothed time. This was really fun to do, I love making up costumes that I've never drawn for my characters!

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