Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Human Character Concepts

My final for my Digital Sculpture class is very close to completion, so I decided I would show the concepts that were put into creating it. Expect to see the final sculpt within the next few days!

We had to create a human character that would exist in the same world as the creature we created in our previous project.  So I created Ivy, a girl who lives in the forests and is friends with the creature, O-llie. I got some inspiration from the Brazilian Amazons, mostly.

This is her final design, although there were a few changes when I sculpted her. These colors were also messed around with, but based from the initial color studies. Her arm is visible, and I added more vines in one of the sculpts, and emitted them from the other.

These were the initial silhouettes I did.

And from there, I did a few sketches.

And then I made some color variations based from my favorite design.

Stay tuned for more work involving Ivy, coming soon!

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