Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3D Quadroped

Our next project for my Digital Sculpture class was to create a creature from our imagination, using existing animals and creatures as reference. O-llie Oliver is a forest creature. I decided to do a mix between a rabbit and frog, and make him be native to and area similar to the Brazilian Amazons.

My final model, posed and colored.
The background image is from here.

This is my turntable video.

And this is the final turnaround sheet.

These were the initial silhouettes I did to try and figure out good shape combinations.

This was my first Speed Sculpt: O-llie Oliver.

And this was my second Speed Sculpt: Thea. He runs a movie theater in Biggert City.

Stay tuned for the human character who I'm designing for my final! 
They'll be posed along with this little guy, so I'm looking forward to that. 
Until next time!

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