Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Banner!

I found out a new method for myself that definitely seems to work a lot better. Focusing on doing only sketches and practices during the daytime and then working with digital work during and after listening to the Paperwings Podcast at night. I feel much more productive, motivated, and overall better about my work when I use this method.


Some concept sketches I did of myself. I was experimenting with some new branding options for myself too. Some of the finals are below.

I did these ones for fun.

I'm not sure what to use this one for yet, but I'm thinking of a possible banner. I'll find somewhere to put it.

This was made for my portfolio to put on the cover page. I might use this for my resume branding in some way in the future, too.

The new banner I made for my blog (as you can see).

023: Ekans
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