Monday, June 10, 2013

Active Day

So yesterday I was a little more active than usual, since my family and I played at the park after our picnic yesterday. That caused me to feel a little drained unfortunately and not too able to work on much art, though.


Some gestures and landscape thumbnails that I did while on the way to our picnic yesterday in the car.

So I decided to try and practice doing some really quick storyboards. I completed these 20 boards in 32 minutes total. I'm trying to get a lot faster as well as gaining the ability to do boards straight with my tablet rather than drawing them all out on paper first. Although, I would've liked for these to turn out a little bit better. Plus the script's obviously not the best thing I've written, considering I made it up on the go. But basically this is the scene where Gair first encounters the hallucination of Rasake and attempts to pursue his dreams of being a hero by setting off to rescue her.

"029: Nidoran (F)"
Pokemon of the Day!

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