Sunday, June 9, 2013

A New Pokemon Journey

...And if I wasn't in the middle of enough Pokemon games. But anyway, my brother and I decided to take a break from projects yesterday and play some games. We had a Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament, then started up new Pokemon Ruby games.


Some thumbnails and gestures that I did while in the car ride home from church yesterday.

So along with playing Pokemon Ruby, we decided to make a little sketch log along with the game, to record our journeys. I named my trainer Nicola, since that was one of the suggestions at the beginning, so it was kind of more as a joke than anything. But I decided to make my game have more of a challenge, since I've already beaten all three in this generation. I decided to make it into more of a story where I'm a gym leader coming from another region. And this gym leader only trains normal type Pokemon. Thus, that is my goal in this game. I will only use normal types. But this was actually a really good practice for drawing fast and not really paying attention to the quality of the drawings.

"028: Sandslash"
Pokemon of the Day!

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