Sunday, December 3, 2017

Start of Digicember!

Since November is over and December has just begun, that means it's the start of Digicember! This year I'm doing something in the same light as I did two years ago, but still a little different. I made a list of 30 M Nays and 30 S Nays. I placed the lists into a randomizer so that it chooses 2 M Nays and 2 S Nays. From there, I'll choose 2 from the total 4 randomized that I want to draw together. This will keep the random element in there, but still give me somewhat of a choice. I'll choose Nays that I think would be fun to draw together out of the group. And from there, I might even add in a little story or descriptor of how the characters think about each other, too, just for fun. 

Also these are meant to be QUICK. I probably won't spend more than half an hour on these since I want to go back to doing quicker sketches of my characters without worrying about BGs, shading, clean lines, or details. I feel like my art has been getting too stiff lately, so I want to fix that by just drawing little sketches for fun each day.

01. Punchy & Jennie
This first one is Punchy and Jennie! They haven't really had any interactions with each other, but Punchy probably hates Jennie because Scott is super cold towards her. So Jennie's just kind of confused why as Punchy scowls at her.
It's funny that Jennie ended up being an option, since she was the first Huevember for this year, too.

02. Zitca & Amber

I feel like Zitca and Amber haven't really interacted either, but Amber definitely would be annoyed with Zitca because of him always saying "buh."

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