Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Willus & "Mother"

I'm pretty busy, so I've been rushing these characters a little more recently, but luckily the last few have been fairly simple so it hasn't been too difficult. I'm just trying to stay active on these since I'm getting to the characters who I neglected to draw last year due to the intense workload. It always seems to be around this time of year that I get super busy (even when I'm not in school), haha.

Willus is a very energetic young boy who has an obsession with his friend Doge. He revolves his life around Doge and basically worships him. Willus will copy everything he does and will only say positive things about Doge.

The Wife Who Talks Like This (TWWTLT) is the wife of TGWTLT who is very angry most of the time. She is sometimes referred to as "Mother" because she is the mother of Death, along with many other glitched creatures. She is a mistaken experiment who passed on her glitch cells to all of her children. TWWTLT is very vengeful and swears to get her revenge on The Man Who Does Not Speak and all of the others who have any relation to him. She enjoys torturing her enemies before killing them.

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