Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Izumi & Brown Seagull

Some daily characters, getting closer to more of the main characters that I missed last year.

Izumi is the Assistant World Leader of PS World, because her husband Haru is the World Leader. She watches over Mr Dude, to ensure that he obeys the laws of The Worlds. She acts as a guide to both Mr Dude and The Nays, always instructing them on where to go next. She feels it is necessary to test the newer generation, to ensure that they have what it takes to lead, once it is their time. Izumi is very mysterious overall, but it is very apparent that she knows what she is doing. She usually acts on her own and does things very independently.

Brown Seagull is Zitca's imaginary friend who is very strange. He talks exclusively in 1337 speak has a pretty big ego. He can be very demanding and straight to the point.

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