Friday, November 20, 2015

Gregorn & Nate

Incidentally, both of these characters are from the first two Eventures we typed out through the current method. And the first two that we actually called Eventures!

Gregorn is a very powerful being from Time Fabric Island. He will change his personality and abilities depending on what colored suit he wears. He is very controlling and serious. Gregorn often thinks too highly of himself because of his immense strength, but he is not unbeatable.

Nate is a carefree boy who loves dogs. He is always seen riding around on his dog, and is usually in a very good mood. He works as a Laundry Worker at a Dry Cleaner in TGWTLT World. Nate does not enjoy leading, but instead he is entertained by watching others go on adventures. He has a very creative mind and will be able to think up new games very quickly. Nate finds small places, loud noises, and coldness very annoying.

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