Saturday, November 28, 2015

Goatmilk & Fuzen

I've been drawing some older characters recently. It's a lot of fun to re-design the ones I haven't drawn in years! It's been at least 6 years for both of these, I think.

Goatmilk is a very sarcastic and snarky goat who lives in Lie City. He was abandoned by his family when he was younger, because he only had three legs, so he was taken in by his friend Jackie. Goatmilk enjoys ghosts and anything scary in general.

Fun fact: He was originally re-designed ON Thanksgiving (in 2009), and I re-designed him again this year on Thanksgiving!

Fuzen is a laid-back member of the Death Association who loves to have fun with his work. There is never really a moment when he is serious. Fuzen is very energetic and outgoing. He usually only gets excited about a mission if it involves killing or something to his liking.

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