Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brutus & Grant

Both of these are dinosaur/dragon-like creatures. Also they used to be more main.

Brutus is one of the most irresponsible Bird-In-Trainings in Tag World. He is of the lowest rank of Bird-In-Trainings, and is not very good at controlling his kids. Brutus has absolutely no self-confidence and always does what he is told whenever given the opportunity. He is easily tricked and often gets lost.

Grant is a dinosaur that was once devoted to protecting the Little Ones (or the orphans). During their trip to Hide-and-Seek World, he left The Nays to train with an old Summoner woman. Because of this, Pigger can now call upon him when they are in danger. Grant is very fatherly and will act as the overall father of the orphans, even letting them sleep in his "house" (which is a large wooden box in the dump).

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