Thursday, November 26, 2015

Boney & Chico

Been working with some four-legged characters! For Chico I actually used reference too, so I'm a little happier with how she came out.

Chico is a lively creature who enjoys stealing. She is an expert at escaping from jail and is overall very sneaky. Although usually outgoing, she can be quite shy when she is around Ricco, because she has a crush on him.

Boney is a very strict protector of the orphans. He will monitor everything that they do and make sure they are not viewing any mature content or anything negative that is "bad for them." Boney will do anything in his power to protect the little ones, and deems himself as their Defender. Although, Boney is very biased and if the little ones do something that may be harmful to others, he will let it slide, because he wants to be encouraging in whatever they do.

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