Thursday, November 12, 2015

700th Post!

700 posts feels like a lot, but looking back, I guess I really did start my blog in 2011. Daily posts have been helping me create more art and it's been inspiring to me to post this often. So here are some daily characters!

Juan Carlos is Manny's imaginary friend who loves to gamble. He is very irresponsible and is often forgetful, even when it comes to important missions. Juan Carlos is much more skilled at strategy than he is a fighter. He is not very reliable, so Manny makes the mistake on relying him a little too often.

Hoplo is a very happy creature that longs to find his long-lost brother. He is very bouncy and excited pretty much all the time. Hoplo always travels with his best friend Shopi, and the two of them help each other out whenever they have the opportunity to. Hoplo is very friendly and loves talking to new people.

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