Sunday, November 9, 2014

Some More Characters!

Continuing with my character-a-day project!

Gahla is a very strong fighter who roams the wilds of Party Sanctuary World. He is known as the Poison Mage, because he fights using various types of poisons. He is very calm and mysterious.

Pari is an outcast who was betrayed by his best friend Oketsu. He was always very happy, talkative and exited, causing him to be very loud. He is the one who annoys many of his former friends, which causes him to become the outcast. Even though they ignore him, he still tries to talk with them and be their friends, even when they don't want to be his friend. He is one of the First Generation Nays and oldest brother of the Blue brothers.

Nymph is a manipulative woman who has very flexible legs. She uses her legs more than her arms, and practically uses them as arms. She takes joy in watching her enemies suffer, and gives them no mercy. She is an elite guard that comes from Odustra.

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