Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some Familiar Characters

These two recent characters that I did this week were ones I was more used to drawing, so it was fun to compare my current drawing skills to that of even a year or two ago, when I last drew these two.

Yaro is the former leader of the Blood Lords. He had a somewhat troubled past, which caused him to join a life of crime at a young age. He often got into fights with other kids and even became a leader of a gang. He's pretty laid-back overall, but can often get very territorial, whether it be areas of the city or even objects or projects. He has trouble relating to others, so will distance himself and is a bit of a loner for the most part.

Rocko was once a very cheerful and outgoing boy, but as he grew older he became jealous of Harukame and a lot more fierce. He finds The Worlds as more of a home to him than where he is from, Earth. Rocko holds his goals in life very important to him, and will do almost anything to pursue them. Although he is very strict with his children and grandchildren, there are times when he can be very gentle and caring; although he tries to hide this side of himself in order to look tougher.

Additionally, these were some sketches I did for a group project.

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