Saturday, November 15, 2014

Keeping Up with the Characters

I've been having to rush some of these daily characters because of the amount of work for final and CTN prep I have to do, but either way, I've been trying to keep up with them!

Eustar is the youngest World Leader, so he is often very timid and unsure of himself. Sometimes he will have a complete personality change in which he is very outgoing and crazy. He always seems to have people he trusts around him just to ensure that he makes the right decisions as a World Leader.

Celia is the obnoxious daughter of a very wealthy businessman. Because of her wealth, she is somewhat snobbish and egotistic. She is not the most intelligent women, but she is extremely social. She is also not a very faithful women, as she will find multiple romantic partners and cheat on the ones she is currently in a relationship with.

Baselia is a very soft-spoken woman who is very kind-hearted. She loves helping out her best friend and husband, Rocko. She is very talkative when she is around him, and they will work to make decisions together.

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