Saturday, August 9, 2014


As the title suggests, I've started up playing Dangan Ronpa again. Plus down below I did some sketches from it.

Ram is a lively girl who loves to have fun. She is often seen cheering or dancing around. Her attachment and liking to Tag World often sets her apart from the rest of The Nays, but she likes to stick around with Muyo. Her defining technique is her ability to call upon a herd of rams. With a simple blow of her horn, a large group of them come charging to her aid.

These are the Dangan Ronpa sketches I did last night. The character designs are really nice in the game, so I decided I'd try to draw the cast. Some of these I had more fun drawing than others and it was kind of obvious that I got tired by the end, haha.

Some more composition studies from Hunter x Hunter.

And some gestures I did as warm-up for the day.

Oh and one last thing.
"There's a conspicuous lack of "baby" in the world!"
(just something Monokuma said that made me laugh)

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