Monday, August 18, 2014

Time is Running Out!

Can't believe I'll be in class a week from today! These last few weeks have really sped by, so I've been working on my Thesis script and trying to finish that up before the semester starts. So I worked a lot more on it last night. Slowly but surely I'm getting there (at this point I'm up to page 60). I also took the time to look at some of my old RPGmaker 2003 games and figure out things to take from them and improve on for future games.

Trekkon is a very calm and not very talkative boy. Once he sets a goal, he follows through with it no matter what. At first he is very innocent, weak, and naive, but eventually he becomes very strong-willed and knowledgeable. He has a very deep connection for his sister, Kominushu and will protect her at all costs. Trekkon was very good friends with Gair, and able to tell him anything on his mind. When Trekkon joined with Death, he distanced himself from the rest of The Nays, even though he did still attempt to protect his friends in his own secretive way.

A few more Hunter x Hunter Composition studies I did the other day.

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