Monday, August 25, 2014


So today was my last first day of school ever (as pointed out by Laura Mansfield). And it feels really weird. I still can't believe I'm a senior in college already. I still feel like a sophomore or something. But I'm super excited for this semester! So far the two classes I've had today were a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to improving and learning a lot this semester. But like usual, the first day of classes is always super nerve-wracking along with super exciting.

Dallasama is a curious and laid-back man who drives a truck. He uses chatting sites to meet friends and enjoys idle chatter. This man has very realistic views and little to no imagination. He may look a bit scary, but he is actually very friendly and light-hearted.

These were muscle memory activities that I did in Storyboard Drawing for Animation class. It really made me realize how much I rely on references to draw unfamiliar things. I'm certain that doing these at least twice a week will help me overcome that though. I'm not too excited about these, but it's my first time, so I'm not too worried about it.

Some more drawings from Storyboard Drawing for Animation. These were from the Aerobics Drawing session. Since it was my first time, I figured I'd include them in this post.

And then these are some gestures done in class, as well as the homework, which was basically the same exercise. I also included my reference images to the side for the homework ones.

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