Sunday, August 10, 2014

Some Character Design Ideas

Spent most of my day watching ZBrush Summit, hanging out with family, or playing DR. So I only did a little bit of art yesterday.

Araylee is a tough girl who fights using guns. Her past as a bounty hunter has made her very attentive and turned her into somewhat of a tomboy. Although, once she takes interest in a boy, she does practically anything to win them over. She is not very faithful to her lover though, as she will often flirt with other boys and have multiple 'boyfriends' at the same time.

Some doodles I did of my characters, since I didn't know what else to draw. I thought up some potential designs for some of my characters, like Pixy and Pun. Also I played around with Cimc's design, since I may do something more with him in the next week.

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