Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Tablet!

I finally got my new Tablet Notebook. This one is a TEGRA-Note, so hopefully it'll work better for what I need it to do this time. (Not to be confused: I still have my same drawing tablet, this is the other type of tablet, haha)

Squidwik is very loyal to Grenna, and will protect him even with his own life. He is very formal to Grenna, and his closest friends, treating him as the Prince that he is. Since he is Grenna's knight, he does not hesitate to treat Grenna with much respect and loyalty. Squidwik is overall fairly formal, and has a pretty serious attitude.

I ended up doing a little sketch of Pubby using the stylus that came with my new tablet.

Did some quick sketches in the mall.

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