Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nays Alternate Costumes

My brother and I started on a short little project today. Additionally, I played around with some things in RPGmaker, but didn't really create anything presentable. Mostly just messed around with settings to up the resolution as high as it will go, so I can prepare for the game I will start working more thoroughly on in about two weeks.

Monkamole is the leader of his little island gang. This spectacled langur is adored by both Yuu and Ai, and is a born leader. For reasons not yet revealed, he has a grudge against TheBat. He loves exploring and especially going out and enjoying the sun on the beach. He fights with a boat oar (as seen on his back).

Some quick "alternate costume" drawings of some of The Nays. I did a little activity with The Nays where they were put into groups based on the first letter of their name and I made up some little stories to sketch out.

Quick warm-up gestures.

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