Saturday, August 23, 2014

Moved All Back In!

So I moved back into my CCAD dorm on Thursday, so it's been kind of busy with organizing my room and stuff. I only managed to do this drawing below in that time.

Jibu is a quiet kid who hates talking. Sometimes when someone is talking to him, he will either not respond, or write down his answer on a paper to avoid talking. He began doing this because Chozu, Ralphie, and Scott made fun of him for not talking, when he would only talk with Gair or Shaw quietly. Jibu's voice has now changed to a whisper, when he is forced to talk. He has gradually grown closer friends with Gair once more, and has a new style of fighting: he throws cards as a weapon. He also is attracted to Zandra and will do anything to win her over.

Mr Dude is the leader of Mr Dude World. His real name is Mahesa, but he has hidden his identity with the name Mr Dude. He is often very carefree and laid-back. Mr Dude works under Izumi to manage all of the various timelines and keep records of them, often creating games, movies, pictures, stories, manga, or other various records about them. Mr Dude is very cautious of his true identity until Death reveals it to Malik and Mr Dude becomes a true World Leader.

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