Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Motorcycles & Family

So as you can probably tell, drawing vehicles is one of my weaker points. But at least I can say the one I drew below is a lot better than one I attempted back in 2009, haha.

Motoroy is a man who has a strong passion for motorcycles. He loves speeding and listening to his music very loudly. This man is never seen away from his motorcycle, and is very good with repairing vehicles. Motoroy is very tough and doesn't really associate with people too often.

And I made this little gift for my parents, since their 27th wedding anniversary is this Friday! This is a little sketch of my family. It's been a super fun summer (probably the best yet) and as much as I'm looking forward to going back to CCAD, I'm kinda gonna miss hanging out with my family all the time.

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