Friday, August 1, 2014

Hunter x Hunter Sketching (& More)

I spent longer time on the lineart for my character piece yesterday, so I was please with how that came out. And in the meantime, I finally took a (somewhat) break from working and watched some Hunter x Hunter.

Rammako is a very serious and protective young man; he is always looking out for his sister Chica. Ever since his youngest sister was killed, he has felt resentment towards himself. Ever since then, he has trained vigorously and has become very cautious, to ensure no more failure in protecting those he loves most. When around his friends, he can be silly and make up new words that he finds to be cool.

I decided to finally start watching the new Hunter x Hunter anime. Well at this point, it started about two years ago, but I never got a chance to watch the rebooted series. And so I decided to do some fanart afterwards, which was quite hard for me. I haven't done fanart (aside from Pokemon) in a reallly long time. But Hisoka, Leorio, and Komugi were my favorites to draw.

So I did some composition studies while I was watching Hunter x Hunter. Drawing, reading subtitles, and watching at the same time is quite a challenge though.

Some sketches I did in the parking lot of the mall.

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