Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Character Doodles

I've been slipping in and out of my motivation to work on projects... I don't think the realization that summer is almost over has completely kicked in yet. But overall, I'm just going to keep on drawing until I can become more motivated!

Kevin is a very reserved man who avoids social activities whenever he can. His wife is very controlling and often orders him around and forces him to do many things that we would not otherwise do. He does not have very much self-confidence, but his few close friends help keep him on his feet. He is very dependent on others and doesn't put very much effort forward to do things on his own, unless he is forced to. He is not very observant either. Although, he has a great sense of humor when he is socializing with his friends and is usually the "clown" of the group.

I was doing some doodles of myself because I haven't in awhile. There weren't really any that were successful enough for me to fully finish though.

Had a really bad art block last night, so I doodled some characters to try and get over it.

Some more HxH Composition studies.

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