Saturday, August 2, 2014

Attempt at Environments

My idea life would be drawing characters and playing video games all day. Unfortunately, that's not how things go. I had to face my fears today and attempted to actually try and draw an environment. Environments are my weakest point, so I need to get better at doing those.

Julie is a popular pop star in Willingsworth City. She is very concerned about her body image, as well as her reputation. She often yells at her husband, Alphonse, for going out every night and getting wasted at the parties with his friends. Julie loves to dance, along with her lead role as a singer. She has a very bubbly personality, but can be strict when time calls for her to do so. She also enjoys chatting online, using mIRC; at one point she meets Cipo and befriends him.

This is the environment I did from my head, using some various references as inspiration. I'm not too happy with how it came out, but one day I'll get to a point where my environments are halfway decent, haha.

Some more Hunter x Hunter composition studies.

Went out to the Lakewood yesterday, so I did some doodles of people in the city.

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