Monday, December 23, 2013

Digital Studies

So most of the day was spent out with family again doing Christmas things, but I had all night to do some practice.

Portrait for today!
It was my first time playing around with the Liquify Tool.

Progress for it.

And here's the finished study I did from Sly 4! 
Here's the reference picture I used (located at the top).

And this is another study I did. I referenced this image.

I tried to make a new blog banner, but I really don't like how it came out. So I'm gonna try to redo it whenever I have time. I'm gonna try to stick with this concept, but hopefully learn how to do digital painting before I attempt this again. I'm keeping the one I have for the time being. 

Some initial sketches I did to try and figure out the idea for my banner.

Some gestures I did while in the mall waiting for food, and in the car ride in downtown Cleveland.

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