Check out the projects that I've worked on (or am currently working on)!

I mostly focus on games, but there are plenty of other projects I've been working on too!

A detective game about a young detective who longs to find his missing father. There are multiple choices and different endings depending on what you choose.
(Note: in the current demo, you play as his father and the ending of the demo does not differ based upon choices, that will be integrated in the full game)

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An adventure game that takes place in a virtual reality world structured much like internet chatrooms, where four kids explore and transmit messages/files to their newfound friends. They must go through a series of challenges and mini-games to successfully transmit these files to sustain their relationships. If they fail at any of the mini-games, the messages will be distorted and they may not correctly communicate what they intend to tell their new friends. This short game was created by my brother and I in one weekend during the Global Game Jam 2018.

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An adventure game about a man who discovers a mysterious SD card with nothing on it but a sound file named "SOS.WAV" Use audio clues as you uncover the mysteries of Chablam Island. This short game was created in one weekend by my brother and I, for the Global Game Jam 2017.

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A time-based life simulator. Befriend residents of the city as they go about their daily rituals. Finnchuk is the new kid in town and he's looking for new friends to recruit to his club. Explore the town of Hot Ice City and befriend its inhabitants by tracking their schedules and completing quests. Each character has their own daily rituals, so you'll have to uncover when and where they will be at certain locations to complete all of their personal storylines. The demo that is currently out was created in one weekend by my brother and I, for the Global Game Jam 2016.

A game that I'm currently working on. I'm in the concept art and story phase, but I'm planning on creating the actual game in RPGmaker MV.

An on-going idea for a game that my brother and I plan to create in the future. This game is about a garbage man who has the powers to control dust, and teams up with a blind girl on an adventure to various islands. I've done a lot of concept art for it so far, but we're definitely in very early stages on the story and figuring out the full gameplay.

I've done a few of these, but I'm only including the most recent one for now.

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An animated short that I was the production manager on. It follows the story of a young girl living at the bottom of the sea as she dreams of what lies beyond the surface of the water.

Various other projects that I'm working on (not tied to one specific type of creation).

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An on-going project and my primary passion overall. This is a personal story I have been working on with my brother since I was around the age of 10. It's what pretty much all of my characters are from and what most of my other games and animations are based upon. It's a story about kids who travel through different Worlds and start to think of it as more of a home than their actual home. I've done so many projects stemmed out from this project (including stories, games, animations, drawings, comics, etc.)

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This project could be categorized under The Nays, but it is a project I have been doing since August 2014, where I will draw a character every day and write a few sentences to describe who they are. All of these characters show up in The Worlds (even if they are a background character with one line in the whole series).

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Another project I've been working on and off with. It started about 10 or so years ago, but it has been more of a side project that I visit every now and then. It's about a group of animals who lie all the time, and want to reach their true paradise called the Land of the Liars, where they are free to lie without negative consequences. It was a fun little idea that my brother and I made up where we created a story, comic, and game based on it, but I more recently created an animation based on the beginning of the story.

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