Thursday, February 8, 2018

Gair Vs. Veetoff Dream

One night the other week, I had a dream that Gair and Veetoff flew into each other like the beginning of the fights in DBFighterZ, so I made this illustration based on it! I decided to spend a bit more time on this one to make up for missing a Concept Sunday to participate in the Global Game Jam. I'm going to count it as a Concept Sunday drawing even though it wasn't on a Sunday.

Here's the final drawing!

Since it was an action scene, I decided to animated it a bit as well.

Here's a gif of the process.

And the process explained:

It started with the basic sketch.

Then I cleaned up the lines.

I decided the action lines were a bit too distracting, so I took them out.

I added the basic colors.

Then I created a background to indicate the impact.

I rendered in the shadows.

Then I added some color to the lines.

I blurred out the background to make it feel like it was in motion more. I also added some blur on the characters.

I adjusted the blurs so that their faces and hands were in focus.

I added in the action lines, but this time I made them white, blurred, and transparent, so that they don't take away from the illustration. I also moved Gair's position back a bit.

And for the final, I overlayed some darks and lights!

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