Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dragon Ball Doodles

I've been in a DBZ mood for like a month now, so I drew some fanart! I'm getting ready for DB Fighter Z coming out tomorrow (though I won't have time to play it until after the weekend).

Patiently waiting for DB Fighter Z to come out, so I'm just playing more Xenoverse 2. This is my level 80 Saiyan character, Jee. I made a new save file as a Namek the other week, so maybe I'll draw them at some point, too. Jee is actually based on one of my characters from The Nays though. She's Kai's mom, though I've never actually shown her on an Eventure before.

So I'm finally catching up in the DBSuper manga! The Future Trunks arc was definitely my favorite part of DBSuper so far. I only have a few more chapters until I have to wait every month for updates though...

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