Friday, February 10, 2017

Rocko Comic

Last weekend I was in the mood for making a comic, so I decided to choose a journal entry that I wrote and turn it into a comic page. You can read this whole entry here.

Here's the final comic page!

This is the very last part of the journal entry, so you'll have to read it to get a bit of context.

But since I haven't done something this finished in a long time, here's the process I went through!

So I started out by drawing a bunch of comic layouts to figure out which scene I actually wanted to do. 

I decided on which journal entry I wanted to do and just started sketching it out from the beginning (pretty much).

I decided to go with the last one.

And then I cleaned up the sketch so it had a lot more details. I also put in some of the final text.

I drew in clean lines for all of the panels.

And then I put in some base colors.

And then came the shading!

And finally I blurred some parts to create a focus, and added a sound effect to the first panel.

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