Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gair's Clothes Progression

A new project!! So I had my old project of The Nays Clothes project where I would draw a few different costumes that The Nays wore throughout the series. Well this time I counted out how many days Gair is present in The Nays total, and am drawing a different outfit for each of those days. To the current Eventure (Trekkon's Revenge), Gair has been there for 263 days. Soooooo there is going to be a lot of drawings. 

Since there are so many, I'm gonna be uploading these in parts when I finish drawing a large group (this case was 20 total). So for part one, I drew up until Eventure 008: End of The Gek. I tried to split them up mostly by Eventure, but some Eventures would only have one outfit, so I mixed them a bit. But you can read the subtitles to figure out which part of the story he wore those clothes in. 

And for the most part, I wanted to keep Gair's color scheme throughout his outfits. Orange, black, and blue are his three main colors. There is some green and white thrown in here and there, but you will rarely see red, purple, or yellow. Also some of his outfits look similar to others, but who actually has 200+ outfits in real life? So he will mix and match certain parts to form new outfits. And of course this is a time in his life where he's growing, so he will outgrow clothes and need new outfits anyway. 

I didn't want this to be an age progression, I wanted it to focus on the costumes instead. So even though he is getting older, I am using the same drawing for all of these just to make the focus more clear. Although, I am drawing new hair each time (at least once per Eventure). 

So look forward to more of these in the future!

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