Friday, January 27, 2017

Ragger of the End

So I recently started watching Seraph of the End because I heard one of the songs in it and got obsessed with it. And the anime is actually really good! So I was watching the ending song and I got really inspired to draw after seeing 54 seconds into it

So I drew Scott in The Gek's flooded World. I made Pigger be in the reflection and placed The Gek in the background. This was gonna be a tiny little sketch but I ended up fleshing it out a lot more than expected! I also have been really liking playing around with blur effects recently in my stuff.

 And it all started with this little doodle.

And then I cleaned up the lines.

I actually used the "Always use Pressure for Opacity" option for coloring. I just used varying pressures to change the color instead of using tons of different colors. I used one for the highlight and one for the shadows, but the rest was one color. I don't usually do shading this way, so it was interesting to blend in a different style.

I added in the front color for the water, so that the table looked like it was actually underwater. 

I added more color to the background and made the water lines a lighter color. I also colored over Pigger so that it would look like a reflection. 

I blurred out a bunch of elements to give it more depth. I also made the foreground a bit larger so it would frame the image better. 

I added some water markings onto the couch to make it look like it went together better. I also added The Gek to the background in the sky.

And then I decided to move The Gek because he looked out of place and too big in that spot.

He STILL looked out of place, so I dimmed his color and added some fog over him. I also smudged the background a bit so the shapes weren't as sharp.

And that's the whole process!

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