Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pokemon White Adventures!

Annnd since The Nays are going to be playing through Pokemon White, I'm deciding to do the same thing that I did with Pokemon Pearl, where I illustrate their adventures! This will be called "Unova Nays." 

This play-through involves a challenge called the Unused Team Challenge. Basically they're required to use Pokemon that I've never used before, and they get points as follows:

  • Catch a Unused: 3pts 
  • Catch a Partially Used: 2pts 
  • Defeating a Gym: 1pt 
  • Evolve an Unused: 1 pt
  • Replace a Partially Used/Used with Unused: 1 pt

The intro with all of the participants!

Annd this is how Zandra's turn went. She was first.

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