Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's 2017!!

Happy New Year!!

In celebration, I will be posting my artistic journey from 2004 until 2016!

I love looking back at this and seeing the improvement over the years. 2016 has been a good artistic year and I can't wait to see what 2017 brings!

And for fun, I decided to put my first and last illustration of 2016 side-by-side to see a visual improvement.

What is to come of 2017? 

I will be working as a Curriculum Developer until March of this year. Then I may be working Spring Break Camp for a week or two in April. And then starting in June, I will be working as a Lead Instructor at iD Tech Stanford until August. Those are the current plans I know of, but I am excited to see what else happens next year. I'm planning to continue drawing something daily, whether it be a Pokemon, a Nay, or just a doodle. I want to start working on more personal art during my time off, though. Sometimes the daily drawing feels like work, and I kind of want to stray away from that feeling, and bring back the feeling of it being for fun. So this is why I'm planning to maybe take a break from the NAD project or Pokemon project, and draw something for fun that I feel like drawing each day. We'll see how it goes, but it's kind of open-ended at the moment. I want to start drawing more of my main characters again, since I feel like I've been stuck in drawing background characters for awhile. Whenever I draw my main characters, it's a lot more exciting, so that is another reason why the NAD project might be on a hiatus for a bit longer. One idea that I did have was drawing a quick sketch of a character saying a quote from an Eventure each day, and get through all of the Eventures during the first half of this year. So that might be a fun prompt/challenge to give myself.

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