Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Eventure Doodles Project

I'm introducing a new project that I'm planning to do in 2017! I was thinking about creating a Nay doodle every day (only spending about 10-20 minutes on each). Each doodle will be based on an Eventure, and I'll basically take a quote and illustrate it. These are meant to be quick doodles to get me drawing, so I hope this project turns out.

 My first initial drawing to announce the project!

There were soooo many good quotes from TGWTLT Eventure that it was hard to choose, so I might even have to go back and draw multiple ones from this one eventually. But I ended up going with Taylor's quote when he tells Chozu that it's time to turn off his video games and go camping with the rest of his neighbors. This is part of a flashback sequence to before The Nays enter The Gek World.

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