Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Elfress and Trekkon Doodles

These are about to get into some of the earlier Eventures that I've actually written out, so choosing the quote will be a bit harder to pick between so many!

 The Nays are brought back to The Gek's World once he breaks through the cloak and finds them. The Nays are forced to fight him upon refusing to stay and play games. Elftress arrives in The Gek's World and seals him away inside of his tuba.

Gair ends up meeting a new group called the Field Ravens, who are fighting off a demon named Death. Rasake is the one who called Gair to rescue them, so she is very persistent on keeping Gair as one of them to continue helping them fight. Trekkon takes things the wrong way and starts to get jealous of Gair.

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