Monday, November 21, 2016

Sunstone & Moz

Some daily characters!

Sunstone is a very overprotective owl who does not let anyone near his stone. He will protect it with his life, because of its immense powers. Him and his partner protect it together and make sure no evil taints it. He also really loves watching Pyramid Power with his friend Star.

Moz is a sly old man who always cheats in casinos, in order to win big money. He visits Rosie's bar just about every other day and wins people over by buying drinks for them with his stolen money. Moz not only steals money from the casino, but he steals pretty much every time that he can. He even stole his own house that he raised his nephew Chozu in. After cheating on a daily basis at one of the casinos, he is caught and sent to jail for eight years of fraud and money laundering. Moz is an extremely bad influence on Chozu, and basically raises him to be the way he is.

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