Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gila & Hairy Moon

Some more daily characters!

Gila is the powerful leader of the Red Balloons, who fights for justice to demons. He believes that the World Officials rule unfairly, so he fights to make things right. Gila has a deep sympathy for demons and created the Red Balloons in order to fight against this discrimination. He fights with a chained Kama and uses it as a conductor of electricity. Gila's abilities are very strong, as he is able to stand up to World Leaders and World Officials on equal terms.

Hairy Moon is a monster who attacks Biggert City in his attempt to get the moon hairy. Whatever he touches grows an immense amount of hair, which is why he is a threat to the citizens of Biggert City. He will thrash anyone that gets in his way of achieving his goal of having a hairy moon.

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