Friday, November 4, 2016

Douvin & Micho

Some daily characters!

Douvin is a guard of the Mr Dude World jail who does not tolerate any foolish behavior. He looks up to Ginko and one day hopes to be a World Leader. Though he is not super high up in the White Cloak Organization, he does a good job at the position he does have, and isn't far from a promotion. Douvin is not very well-known since he is just a guard, but for those who know who he is, they know that he does a good job.

Micho is an introverted farmer who lives alone with his animals in the Inferno Colony. He is usually generous towards travelers, but he doesn't like to involve himself in their affairs for long. Lucky for him, the Rama 1/2 Hotel is right down the street, so he will often redirect them there, instead of having to deal with lost folks directly. Farmer Micho sews up Veetoff when he loses his arm, because of Gojo's desperation and cry for help. Normally he doesn't involve himself this much, but his conscience told him to do so.

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