Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Deidre & Gonavee

Here are some daily characters!

Deidre is a greedy woman who longs to create Death's Fun World. She wants to make an amusement park in order to earn a lot of money. Deidra comes from Koukon Village and is the one who deals with finances, even if she does sometimes use illegal means to get funding for them.

Gonavee is the intelligent leader of the Merco brothers who always plans things through. Though he is the middle child, he is the one who thinks out plans the most. Because of his talents, Gonavee was able to keep his name while they were in captivity, though he was sometimes referred to as Number 9741. Gonavee often blames himself for things, including things that he no control over. Although, because he is very smart, he can sometimes become too controlling and bossy, because he knows how things are done best. Gonavee is very involved in politics and tends to speak with representatives often to make himself known.

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