Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sylvia & Cimc

These were two really fun characters to do. I also tried out a slightly new method for doing the lineart, and I think it turned out better than usual. Sylvia's a character that I've had for awhile and just never actually designed her until now. While on the other hand, Cimc is a character I've drawn A TON, but surprisingly, this was the first time I actually made a finished colored drawing of his new design (the design I made over a year ago).

Sylvia is the very strict mother of Mar who enjoys swimming. She loves hot weather and can't handle the cold. She is usually very demanding and makes her husband Kevin take care of their daughter more often than she does. Sylvia works as a life guard, so she is always looking out for her daughter's safety, and is especially cautious when put in a situation where she could be in danger.

Cimc is a mouse that lies all the time. He makes lying so natural, but also he will try to cheat and lie about things that are obviously false to everyone. He thinks very highly of himself and feels that he is never supposed to lose so always makes fun of people if they're beating him and will often just say that he's winning even if he is not. Cimc can often annoy many people, but he is the leader of the liars. He longs to one day find the Land of the Liars, so that he can feel free to lie as much as he wants, and be accepted for doing so.

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