Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pearl & Arctic

Some recent antagonist-type characters that I've drawn.

Pearl is a very lonely panda who does not have friends and has been abandoned. Pearl thinks very deeply about life and meanings behind all of his misfortunes. He is very talkative and shares all of his feelings and thoughts with Pubby when they meet in the Exile World. Pearl claims that he does not experience any kind of true friendship until he meets Pubby and he is fully willing to risk his life so that Pubby is able to escape his World. Though, Pearl has his own selfish reasoning for doing so in addition to helping Pubby. He was one of the First Generation Nays, who are commonly known as The Murderous Nays. Pearl was responsible for a lot of the violence, but plans to put that behind him and take out his revenge on Malik instead.

Arctic is a very strict bird, and was the Highest Up Bird in Tag World. He often gets into bad moods and will become very controlling when he is angry, wanting everything to go his way exactly. Arctic can get into bad moods from very little things, and he will stay in a bad mood for long periods of time. He has a strong hatred for Hawkin, Pidgebeetle, Gyro, and their Nays, and he does not like to tolerate them. Arctic is very obedient to TGWTLT and will follow his every command no matter what. He enjoys a very controlling environment and is very power-hungry. Arctic does not fight in a fair way, and will usually use hostages just so that he can win the battle.

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