Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lisha & Ciporsius

Some of my recent Daily Characters!

Lisha is a very clueless young girl who has a thirst for knowledge, but does not want to put in any effort to learning more. She is very narcissistic and believes that she is too important to have to work hard to achieve things. After appointing Larry as her rival, she feels that she will beat him in whatever she challenges him to. Lisha wants to someday find a genie so that she can wish to be smarter, because she feels that she will be the best person in the world if that happens.

Ciporsius is an overprotective father and scientist who wants to make his son happy, at all costs. He is constantly going to extremes, playing with life, until he goes too far. At that point he turns his life around and becomes an inventor, giving up science in order to keep his family together. After becoming successful through science, he is able to give all of that fame up when he decides to settle down and do what truly makes him happy.

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