Saturday, December 12, 2015

Grenna & Jiro

I've been trying to spend some more time on rending out these characters! I realized it adds a lot to even just spend an extra 30 minutes to half an hour on them, so it's definitely worth it. Grenna's probably one of my favorite daily character drawings that I've done so far.

Grenna is a serious young man who is always training to become stronger. He looks up to his cousin and teacher, and takes pride in training Scott. He also enjoys cold weather, drinking, and chatting online. Grenna gets scared very easily, and is frightened by ghosts or spooky things. He is usually very proper and does not like creating trouble. When he was younger, he used to be a very crazy kid, but over time, he has become much more serious, and now seems to be in an angry mood for the most part.

Jiro is a poor boy from Timer who fears magic users. He is very generous, especially considering his tough situation. Because of his generosity, he is later offered the opportunity to become an R Nay, but he declines because of his situation. He uses stones in battle, but is not really much of a fighter.

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